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AFS Course Offerings

AFS High School Course Offerings

 * If incoming students were assigned to Honors core classes at their home school, they will have the same opportunity to be enrolled in those courses at the Academy for Success.  This will include English, Social Studies, Math, and Science for all grade levels.

English Language Arts

  • Creative Writing (Apex Learning)
  • English 1 (CP and Honors)
  • English 2 (CP and Honors)
  • English 3 (CP and Honors)
  • English 4 (CP and Honors)
  • Secondary Literacy Intervention (Grades 9 & 10)


  • Algebra 1 (CP and Honors)
  • Algebra 2 (Apex Learning)
  • Foundations of Algebra (CP and Honors)
  • Geometry (Apex Learning) 
  • Intermediate Algebra (CP and Honors)
  • Pre-Calculus (Apex Learning) 
  • Probability and Statistics (CP and Honors)


  • Biology (CP and Honors)
  • Chemistry (CP and Honors)
  • Environmental Science
  • Earth Science (Apex Learning)
  • Physical Science (CP and Honors)
  • Physics (Apex Learning)

Social Studies

  • Economics (CP and Honors)
  • Human Geography (CP and Honors)
  • Modern World History (CP and Honors)
  • Psychology (Apex Learning)
  • Sociology (Apex Learning)
  • United States History and Constitution (CP and Honors)
  • United States Government and Politics (CP and Honors)

Physical Education & Health 

  • Health: Fit for Life (Apex Learning)
  • Physical Education 1
  • Physical Education 2
  • Physical Education 3
  • Physical Education 4 

Business Management 

  • Digital Multimedia
  • Fundamentals of Computing

Apex Learning 

 Many Academy for Success students use Apex Learning to earn credits, recover failed credits, or to participate in course remediation and tutorials.   


Apex Learning is a provider and publisher of a web-based digital curriculum.

  • Courses are created by a team of educational experts and aligned to state standards.
  • Technology is used in purposeful ways to enhance the learning process.
  • Multimedia instruction motivates and engages students.
  • Individualized learning lets students move at their own pace to master material.
  • Assessment opportunities are integrated throughout each course.

This digital curriculum is helping our school offer all students rigorous coursework, raise achievement levels, and prepare them for college, work, and life.


Apex courses are used for both new learning, credit recovery, and remediation at the Academy for Success.  Courses taken for original credit are graded like other seat-based courses (A-F). Credit recovery courses are graded as Pass/Fail. To earn a passing grade students must complete all of the required coursework at a 60% standard or better.

Whenever possible and appropriate, students are assigned prescriptive courses for credit recovery. Prescriptive courses allow students to test out of already learned content.  Please note, however, that not all courses in Apex have a prescriptive option.  Also note that students intending to participate in a NCAA sport after high school do not have the option of taking a prescriptive course as they do not meet the NCAA clearinghouse eligibility requirements.  

Students taking an Apex course work with a licensed teacher. The teacher helps guide students through their Apex courses, which includes teaching, providing feedback on labs and activities, and unlocking quizzes and tests.  Please be aware that while students will be with a licensed teacher, they may not be in a classroom with their teacher of record.   The teacher of record will monitor your student’s progress and will meet with them regularly to discuss their progress and provide feedback.  Students will be able to communicate questions or problems directly to their teacher of record through the Apex system. Students may work on their courses from home, however, students are required to be in a classroom setting before any quizzes or tests are unlocked, as all assessments are proctored.